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Nail fungus

Too hot and bad footwear provides nail fungus. Nail fungus destroys the nail and is extremely disgusting. If you find you have nail fungus requires treatment right away. You must go to the pharmacy or to your doctor and get the right treatment. If you are accustomed to care and take good care of your feet, you will probably discover if there is something wrong. But if you have a busy life and can not face anything goes wrong shoes, so there may be a risk for nail fungus.


Be sure to choose shoes that fit the season. Do not go in for closed shoes in the summer. Sandals is best when it’s hot and warm closed shoes, you should save for the cold season. Take the socks and make sure you feet nurtured well. Do not use excessive hygiene, do not spritte feet or wash feet 10 times a day, it destroys your skin’s protection and you become susceptible to fungal infection. Wash your feet perfectly normal once a day when you are in the bath. Sometime in between, you can treat your feet with a pedicure, it could be, for example once a week.

To find out if you have nail fungus

Some experienced doctors will perhaps with the naked eye could say if you have nail fungus. But often the patient will undergo a scrape how little material from the sponge-like area is scraped off and sent to a laboratory for examination for nail fungus.


The treatment of nail fungus depends on the type of fungus that have been tested positive for. Therefore it does not make any sense to simply buy a preparation in the pharmacy without having studied the fungal infection by a doctor first. Unfortunately, there are people of trial and error, but it can be a waste of money.

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