Dine ben og fødder

Vinterklar – ben og fødder

Legs and feet

There is so much to do legs and feet ready for summer. But there are many who forget that winter also require attention around the feet and legs. One should make sure that your feet do not get too stuffy, go in the right footwear and make sure that your feet get air. You have to care for her legs, so they appear neat when winter clothes are removed. That girlfriend probably appreciate. In addition, you get a lot of confidence given to us by care legs and feet.


Although it is autumn and winter requires legs still your attention. They need to be nurtured, like in the summer. Be sure to buy a good razor for legs or have grown legs of a beautician. It gives a lot of confidence and you feel pretty when the legs are well-kept. Use a good moisturizer. Winter can be tough on skin, but fortunately your legs usually well wrapped and is not directly exposed to the cold.


The feet are almost the most important. They are the ones many often overlook or do not want to concentrate on. But it’s just so repulsive when they are not cared for properly. I tend to use footbath frequently in winter. It gives a nice warmth and to subsequently carry out a comfortable pedicure. If you make sure you give your feet proper treatment to get rid also to file them. After the foot bath, the feet are dried very well and coated in a thick cream. There are lots of creams, it need not necessarily be a foot cream. It can also easily be any other fat cream. Also make sure to care for your nails regularly, clean them and possibly apply cuticle oil, if dry. End like with a nice nail polish. Then you winterize and can in good conscience take the socks off when you sit in the warm room at night.

Photo by S.Hart Photography

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