Derfor elsker jeg VILA

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VILA is definitely one of my favorite products when it comes to clothing brands in my wardrobe. Naturally I have a wide selection of many different brands, but VILA I am especially happy because the quality is top-notch, and the selection is wide, so most people can find their individual taste and style among many VILA’s products. When you buy VILA, so buy also Danish, and therefore we are consumers of course with the help Danish economy when we act Danish goods, then money is not pouring out of the country. VILA tribes namely fra1994 as family group Bestseller invented the brand, and since then it has really fast with dissemination while VILA in 2000 opened separate stores in countries such as Denmark, Sweden and Ireland. Today they also have stores in Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Germany, Ireland, Estonia and the Faroe Islands and Iceland, so you can safely talk about an international success.

Therefore VILA brilliant!

I’m not the only one who believes that VILA is smart and elegant fashion at low prices, where everyone can participate. I think the success stems from the fact that from the beginning has chosen a light and simple design on apparel products, so you still can add his own personal style and put a unique stamp on her own fashion and taste. VILA has indeed a fairly wide range of clothing that covers most needs, and they have the everything in dresses, blouses, pants and jackets. I am particularly pleased that VILA clothes are made of such high quality that it can withstand frequent washing without fading the colors, while I enjoy their delicious and fashionable design to absolutely make normal prices which everyone can participate.

Where should you buy VILA?

Today the clothing brand is so widespread that it is sold in all the leading clothing stores, so you should check the market and keep up with the latest products and sales and promotions on clothing. It can be very time consuming to frequently visit the boutiques in a busy day, as often saves me lots of time by checking out the various websites where VILA negotiated, and there are also discount promotions at many online stores, since they may need to clear in inventories of old and discontinued models, or they bought for large inventories in. It is logical for us consumers that a great web store can have a large and varied selection, while they have purchased goods at a cheap price, so we online can trade goods in and save store profit. The other day I noticed that the web store STYLEPIT selling VILA at discounted rates, so here you can find all their products from VILA . Indeed, one can now skirts and cardigans save over 70%, so the price of usually 349 kr. Is now down to 99 kr. But many dresses to 199 as normal are now bargains that you may be familiar to have in her wardrobe .


Photo by Idhren