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Stine Goya ændrer H2O

Yes, it is good enough. The highly acclaimed designer, Stine Goya, is engaged in a project to renew H2O-sandal ‘appearance. Stine Goya is an accomplished designer and therefore H2O course with her made a partnership solely for changing the shoe’s functionality and appearance. And she is surely the right – right? For her skilled talent in design, she will certainly revive the sandal earlier heyday in the market.

Stine Goya project

You probably know the classic H2O sandal. Therefore you also know as well as I do that it certainly does not lend itself as festive footwear. The appearance looks more like a bathing sandal, and so they are not comfortable enough to wear at a casual party at home in her friend’s garden. It is also a bit too clumsy. However, it would H2O change, and therefore they have with Stine Goya re-designed the iconic model. Does not that sound interesting and exciting? I can already tell namely that the result of the solid cooperation has become a little more cool baths sandal in both white and black. Both with gold detail, just to put the icing on the cake in the works! A limited edition was launched at the fashion week in winter, and soon they are hopefully to see in most sports stores across the country.

Classic Danish bestseller

Stine Goya has even enjoyed making the classic Danish bestseller about a touch of her own style. For her, it has been an honor to give his bid for a “sandal-trend”, as she calls it, which is trendy at the moment. Therefore suit the changing hours for their cooperation also perfect as it has become a big trend to wear bathing-like sandals for everyday. If you have not already seen them in stores, so they’re going to cost 699 kroner. Have you not afford them at the moment, it will certainly soon be possible to find them a good offer, which can not be said no to. 

Photo by Mycatkins

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