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Vinteren 2014 – must have fra H&M

H & M

In H & M , one can find clothes for any price. Most acting in H & M know that the quality is top notch. But one can always find a nice outfit. You can buy several sets of clothes for just 1000 kroner and there are not many other shops can offer. Besides being inexpensive, H & M also fashionable and fit snugly. I can always find something I can fit. I have found some must-have for winter.

patterned pants

Patterned pants to 199 kroner. The pants have 5 pockets, stretchtwill and a pattern. The narrow legs make it easy to have high boots on when it gets cold. Narrow trousers look great for winter jacket and can be supplemented with leg warmers for mornings at the bus.

satin Blouse

Satin Blouse to 179 kroner. This long-sleeved blouse is patterned blue satin V-neck. It can be worn with a blazer or a delicious knit on those cold days. I like the color petrol.

Long sweatshirt cardigan

When it just has to be a relaxed day at work, so caring for a Long sweatshirt cardigan fine to. I can keep the heat in and it is good for the early mornings and late evenings. It is 100% cotton, has a zipper and hood. When I ride the really good because I can pull it up on the ears. It has a special coolness factor about it!

patterned scarf

A patterned scarf for 70 kroner gives a great contrast to the rest of clothes. The blue in the clothing fits well with the shirt and the referee gives freshness. The patterned scarf comes in several flavors and you can then put it together as you wish. It is made of 100% polyester.

H & M

So even though I’m a little tired of the clothes do not keep more than half a year or a year, I can not do without H & M. I love their clothes and will always buy clothes with them.

Photo by tnarik

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