Bliv afgiftet og sund med en detox kur

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The title suggests that our body is filled with unhealthy toxins, which is not far from the truth. We stoppers us with all sorts of foods that contain too much sugar and fats, and in addition, we should also avoid heavy metals and artificial additives. In short, you almost do not eat or drink anything. So on that account sins we probably all to a greater or lesser degree. But we should take care of our life, so we get a healthier body and fitter body. This gives inner peace and joy of life and a longer life. But what should you do to achieve this? I have thoroughly put me into the subject and I have more advice on this.


10 tips for a healthy body for summer


On I found a good article on 10 simple advice to get a healthy body . It is a chief dietitian named Lisa bolting, which comes with these well-meaning advice. Her advice is easy and somewhat unconventional. Forget about dieting but slept much and spend lots of time in the sun. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and of course you need to hold back on foods containing too much sugar.


A simple and effective detox cure


I have found a different and interesting article on detox cure. The magazine Alt for the ladies has published an article by body therapist Camilla Sternberg, where you can read the relatively easy advice to achieve a healthy body . She simply recommend that you change a few but unhealthy habits in daily life, then you will soon see the results on the scales. If avoiding the normal temptations of everyday life as cakes, snacks and sweets, then you will easily be able to lose weight without having to have followed a tough and grueling diet with fitness training. So, there has some exciting results ahead if you want to make a little effort.


Avoid health fanaticism with moderation


The two experts, which I quoted above, also came both in on that you would not reschedule his life with a fanatical diet where your life is totally changed. The kind of fanaticism can easily go wrong. This can be seen concretely in this article from Ekstra Bladet. It belongs hopefully exceptions, but still should be careful. Read this article about a woman who got brain damage after a detox cure . She followed a course called “The Amazing Hydration Diet”, but this had disastrous consequences, when she suffered a permanent brain injury.