Shopping, cheesecake og godt velvære

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The other day I was out shopping, I quite often, and so I decided to relax with a piece of cake at a cafe. I threw myself into a cake which I would not really have cared for since I was a child. Cheesecake … But to my great surprise, I was actually quite favorably impressed. It tasted delicious.


even tried

So when I got home I decided to try if I could make such a small treat. Now I’m usually not such a crazy ferment in a kitchen, but I found since a recipe on the Internet , and also managed to make my own cheesecake. It was really good and I thought why I would share the experience with all of you. For there is something special about how to make your own cake.



To celebrate that I was something so good through my cake baking project I decided to unwind a little of something good wellness in town. It can certainly also recommended especially for a great big piece of cake. If you do not really know what you want so you can be inspired inside of this good side.