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Så blev supermarked tøj lige moderne

Supermarket clothing has become fashionable

I had not just seen coming. But this morning I read an article on supermarket clothes. It is apparently become fashionable to go to the supermarket clothes. I do not mind buying clothes from the supermarket, but it can not replace a fat set of durable quality clothing. I understand it is simply not and sitting still gaping after reading the article. What on earth makes people feel like using supermarket clothing directly fad? Who has the dear journalists not idle to ask for such a novelty in the media. Or is it the supermarkets that are completely ruined, so it’s their last resort before shuts down because of all the favorable net stores with discounts.

supermarket clothing

For me, supermarket clothes really well to complement the wardrobe up with, but I know it did not last long. The fit is rare good for me and the colors fade quickly. But in addition it is good, or if you just are missing a cheap piece of clothing. Supermarket clothing I have spent much of my student. I could find a lot of cheap and it held maybe a month or two, if I was lucky.

Supermarket clothing as trend

Personally, I have been fond of their shoes, scarves, tights, basic underwear and T-shirts. But jeans, dresses and designer clothes I bought in other stores. I have often acted in Message or if it should be cheap, H & M always good.

Here I find my modern clothes

I do not find my modern clothes in the supermarket. I find in the small interesting boutiques around the country. It is often in a side street, I had forgotten existed inside the city. Or an exciting online shop online that purchase handpicked items. It is only trendy for me when it define my own style.

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