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Ulemper eller fordele ved 5 2 kuren ?

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5 2 Cure

Basically, there is talk about a cure, the fasting two days a week. It is quite logical that when you are fasting two days a week, you get fewer calories during the week. This may well explain why people on the cure losing weight. In addition there is the general fact that people often lose liquid at the start of a cure and this can be masquerading as a fat weight loss. But there is published a book on the topic and you are curious, you can even examine it more closely. The book is called 5: 2 the cure.

Pitfalls in 5 2 Cure

  • There may be a risk that you eat more the remaining days of the week, simply because the body is hungry for more or you think you deserve it.
  • The cure is not sustainable for life, there are ups and downs, crises and weekdays, so you will most likely take it all at lightning speed again.
  • They say that there is hunger associated with the cure. A cure based on this statement, will probably always be doubtful in my eyes. The truth is probably closer to some experiencing hunger, while others find less hungry.
  • There are many diets on the market and which one works. It is a gray area that ranks on the edge of alternative treatment, homespun philosophy and even invented psychology.
  • After the cure you need “just follow” a basic program. I could not imagine that many people can follow this basic program, but of course I can be wrong.
  • Moreover, there are several scientific facts as the creators of the cure, tripping over in her eagerness to sell the concept.

Does the remedy at all

To my knowledge, there is not made any convincing studies of the cure works. So it must be based on a claim if the cure works. But logically it should work when followed closely. The truth is that it is not monitored closely and therefore, as when most weight issues stand open to whether there is a cost issue. There could in fact also be a problem that extends even deeper into the soul that will never be achieved by a cure. You may read posts about body and soul here. 

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Shopping, cheesecake og godt velvære

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The other day I was out shopping, I quite often, and so I decided to relax with a piece of cake at a cafe. I threw myself into a cake which I would not really have cared for since I was a child. Cheesecake … But to my great surprise, I was actually quite favorably impressed. It tasted delicious.


even tried

So when I got home I decided to try if I could make such a small treat. Now I’m usually not such a crazy ferment in a kitchen, but I found since a recipe on the Internet , and also managed to make my own cheesecake. It was really good and I thought why I would share the experience with all of you. For there is something special about how to make your own cake.



To celebrate that I was something so good through my cake baking project I decided to unwind a little of something good wellness in town. It can certainly also recommended especially for a great big piece of cake. If you do not really know what you want so you can be inspired inside of this good side.

Stenalderkost opskrifter til dig

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Stone Age diet

Stone Age Diet ( paleo diet ) is tasty and delicious. When eating Stone Age Diet, follow some simple rules and instructions. You are you need to read or learn about before you start the diet. Stone Age Diet gives you the opportunity to brand the food you from. People tell how the diet is good because you are not hungry right after eating. In addition, delicious ingredients.

The Stone Age diet recipes must contain

One can find many good Paleolithic diet recipes on the net,  but there are generally some special rules you need to follow: The diet must contain animals, fish, shellfish, nuts, grains, fruits and vegetables without starch (not potatoes). It may not contain: grains, refined sugar, salt, beans, rice and dairy products. Bread, oatmeal, yogurt, ice cream, candy should be consumed. I have found a good recipe for a Stone Age bread here :

Ingredients for Paleolithic diet bread 

  • 100 g almonds with the skin surface
  • 100 g hazelnuts in the brown film
  • 100 g of linseed
  • 100g white sesame seeds
  • 100 g of sunflower seeds
  • 100 grams of walnuts
  • 100 g pine nuts (preferably with the skin surface)
  • 100g green pumpkin seeds
  • 6 eggs
  • 1 dl olive oil or canola oil
  • salt

How to do it:

Heat the oven to 160 degrees. Mix ingredients together. Come cookie sheet in a bread form and fill the dough therein. Bake for 1 hour. Turn it out of the mold and let cool on a wire rack.


As meat is a major part of the diet Age, it is important to know the meat eating. Be sure to buy meat that has good quality. It is always best to buy organic meat. Think about where the animal has the grass, near a highway or in the countryside far away from pollution. Have the animal had it good or has lived in cramped conditions. You may want to buy meat from a butcher, then you are sure to get the right information about the meat.

Healthy lifestyle

When eating Stone Age Diet, be sure to live healthy. Exercise, get a good sleep rhythm, walking in the sun so you get vitamin D (follow the health agency’s instructions in relation to sunscreen), listen to yourself and learn to manage stress.

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Bliv afgiftet og sund med en detox kur

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The title suggests that our body is filled with unhealthy toxins, which is not far from the truth. We stoppers us with all sorts of foods that contain too much sugar and fats, and in addition, we should also avoid heavy metals and artificial additives. In short, you almost do not eat or drink anything. So on that account sins we probably all to a greater or lesser degree. But we should take care of our life, so we get a healthier body and fitter body. This gives inner peace and joy of life and a longer life. But what should you do to achieve this? I have thoroughly put me into the subject and I have more advice on this.


10 tips for a healthy body for summer


On I found a good article on 10 simple advice to get a healthy body . It is a chief dietitian named Lisa bolting, which comes with these well-meaning advice. Her advice is easy and somewhat unconventional. Forget about dieting but slept much and spend lots of time in the sun. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and of course you need to hold back on foods containing too much sugar.


A simple and effective detox cure


I have found a different and interesting article on detox cure. The magazine Alt for the ladies has published an article by body therapist Camilla Sternberg, where you can read the relatively easy advice to achieve a healthy body . She simply recommend that you change a few but unhealthy habits in daily life, then you will soon see the results on the scales. If avoiding the normal temptations of everyday life as cakes, snacks and sweets, then you will easily be able to lose weight without having to have followed a tough and grueling diet with fitness training. So, there has some exciting results ahead if you want to make a little effort.


Avoid health fanaticism with moderation


The two experts, which I quoted above, also came both in on that you would not reschedule his life with a fanatical diet where your life is totally changed. The kind of fanaticism can easily go wrong. This can be seen concretely in this article from Ekstra Bladet. It belongs hopefully exceptions, but still should be careful. Read this article about a woman who got brain damage after a detox cure . She followed a course called “The Amazing Hydration Diet”, but this had disastrous consequences, when she suffered a permanent brain injury.

Opskrifter til din buffet

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Ready meals

It may be tempting to go out and buy a lot of prepared dishes for the buffet. However, it is both expensive and unhealthy. Then do not. When you have to make your buffet, it requires that you have some good recipes .

Low-fat recipes

There are various low-fat recipes on the internet. When you choose to make a low-fat buffet, you can easily use the basic idea from a regular buffet. For example, sour cream replaced with shunning. The sauces may be made without fat. Potatoes, rice and pasta can be replaced with salads. Butter and margarine are removed from the table. And then the most important rule in any fat meal: a little is also good . There are various sites on the net, which calculates the calorie content in recipes. You can use as a guide when the buffet to be made.

Proposal for a buffet menu:

I have found a super delicious menu here :

First course: Smoked salmon with fennel salad and spelled bread

Main course: Urtefarseret turkey breast with horseradish cream, salt baked potatoes and asparagus salad with daddeltomater

Dessert: Primadonna cheese with syrup, nuts, pear and spelled bread
Lemon Poppy seeds cake with ricottacreme and blueberries

What are the recipes?

It depends on the company. In the case of a confirmation or a senior meeting? At the same time, it also depends on the visitors and your preferences. Some people are good old-fashioned food, while others like new and innovative input on the brunch table. You can also choose a theme for the buffet. It can help to identify the dishes. Let’s say you choose a spring theme, then you would choose some fresh menus that match the season. If you choose a ’50s theme, so it would be dishes from the time it could also be fun to try. How about an Indian or an African theme?

Avoid bacteria and upset stomach

Before you make your buffet, you should know about hygiene.  You should always wash your hands before you prepare the food ready. Put a hand rubbing alcohol until your guests. Always use clean service. Ask some food out of the hallway. Vegetables and meat should not be cooked at the same chopping board.

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Blomster og mad

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Flowers are beautiful, and is looking to have to stand both outside and inside the bouquets, but did you know that many flowers are actually edible. Here you can see a list of some of the edible flowers. Edible flowers adorn the food and can make your guests quite impressed. Many flowers also delicious flavor to the food. Remember to check if the flowers are poisonous before you put them in the food.


Personally I even sucked the sweet juice out of lilacs, and I actually fell also across an article with a recipe for syrenis. Not only this ice cream is delicious, so is it also super nice. I think even should try this fun and impressive ice, which is beautiful to serve. Here ‘s the recipe, and the article.

To garnish the food:

Do you have a garden filled with flowers and food that looks a little dull? I can help you! Here are some of my favorite flowers to decorate the food.
Forglemmigej – Super beautiful little blue flower found in almost all gardens and blooms from May to June, and that can embellish almost all food.
Georgine – How a super nice flower that especially good in salads and a fruit platter. Very impressive to serve. Blooms almost all summer.
Lavender – another flower you probably own if you have a garden. Can be used in all kinds of cooking, and blooms in July to August.
Sunflower – sunflowers can be cooked artichokes and decorates also in much food.
Viol – Violets are also a super beautiful flower to decorate with and put in salads. Can also be used for a lot. Here you can buy edible flowers.

Tunmousse og guacamole

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tuna mousse:

Tuna mousse is not only super delicious, but is also healthy because it contains fish.
Joe & The Juice has somehow made tuna mousse into a kind modemad after their sandwiches “tunacado” and “spicy tuna” is on the menu (and contains tuna mousse ), in this known madkæde. Here you can see their menu, however, in English. But roam finally into Joe & The Juice and taste these delicious sandwiches (and juice), for it is super delicious and can be recommended.
Tuna mousse can be eaten in many different ways. You can make tuna mousse on rye bread, or in a sandwich or on a piece of toasted baguette as a starter, but you can also eat it on the potatoes. Yes, it can be eaten in many different ways, and it always tastes really nice, and is an easy way to introduce fish into your diet in. Here you can see a little bit more special, but delicious recipe for tuna mousse.


In Denmark knows you most guacamole as mashed avocados with salt, pepper, sour cream and maybe a little chili and although this is delicious is guacamole mexican and the name comes from a contraction of the two words, avocado and salsa, and contains this also tomatoes and onions, etc.
usually we eat guacamole to nachos, but guacamole is delicious on bread, or accessories for something simple food. Guacamole can therefore also be combined with tuna mousse, if you like such a combination. Here is a super delicious recipe for a more traditional guacamole, which is good to serve to your guests if you want to impress them a little more.

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Kiks med på farten

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Is biscuits fashion?

To ensure that I do not go sugar cold during shopping, I always have a packet of biscuits in my bag. It is perhaps a bit grandma-like and may not fit as well on the glamorous fashionista image, but rather be safe than sorry, right? Therefore, I have found some things that you carry in your bag, and quickly eat on the go.

oatmeal Biscuits

I have found a recipe for oatmeal biscuits on, see it here.  This one recipe is super good when one is on sale, for it takes really not many seconds to eat a few biscuits. They taste a little a la the classic Digestive biscuits, so that is nice. You can also quickly find such a few biscuits forward, without being detected.

cinnamon Bread

If you are not on sale, there are many things that are much better than biscuits. One of my favorite things is cinnamon bread, old school cinnamon bread, to be exact. Cinnamon Bread is wildly delicious, it’s a bit messy, and it’s also much sweeter. Cinnamon Bread is good enough little granny-like, but it tastes so good. I have found a great recipe for old school cinnamon bread on which actually reminds a lot about the cinnamon bread my grandmother makes. See the recipe here.  It is especially recommended if you are in the market with his family, it provides little to cosiness.

protein Bars

Something that is a little more fashion than biscuits and cinnamon bread, protein bars. Protein Bars are super delicious, and saturates very well! Fitness wave is of course also of Denmark, and then it’s important to show that it is fashionable, right? Protein Bars come in many different flavors, my personal favorite is the Quest bar, you can find it right here.

Kringle og temaaften

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See how you can keep the theme evening with pretzel here

First of all, tell your girlfriends that, to have a different evening, the need for keeping themed evening and have the old-fashioned clothes. Tell your friends that they need to take photo albums from your parents, youth, and ask them to take their parents’ old clothes too. Once you’ve mastered the theme, you must be in control of your pretzel. A homemade pretzel is best, so I will guide you through a recipe from below.

What you need

50 g yeast

2 tbsp. lukewarm water

2 eggs

50 g sugar

1 pinch. salt

200 g butter

350 g of wheat flour

1 teaspoon. cardamom

50 g sugar

75 g of cane sugar

75 g of butter

100 g marzipan cut into small cubes

1 beaten egg

50 g hazelnut

4 tbsp. sugar

How to make your pretzel dough

Dissolve the yeast in the water. Add sugar, eggs and salt, and mix well. Melt butter, add it to the dough and stir again. Mix flour and cardamom, and knead it in your pretzel dough until it is light and smooth. Let the dough rise covered in a warm place for 45 minutes. While the dough is rising, make you fill your pretzel. Stir sugar, butter and marzipan together to form a sugar filling.

Completing your pretzel

Knead the dough well and roll it out to 20 x 45 cm on a table that you have sprinkled flour on. Lift the dough onto a baking sheet with wax paper. Remoncen advantage in an elongate path in the middle of the dough. Fold the sides of the dough into the middle, let them come right over one another. Your pretzel to be so after rise in a warm place for 30 minutes. Within your pretzel be in the oven, make brushing it with egg and sprinkle hazelnuts and sugar. Cut staggered cut in the dough right down to the filling so that your pretzel get a nice pattern. Behind your Kringe in a 220 ° oven for 12-15 minutes.

Inspiration for your theme evening

In order to make a really fun theme nights, you have obviously need a little inspiration, so I found a few websites where you can get a little insight into how to keep a good theme evening. Inside the is a good guide to how to keep 80s party, you can certainly get something useful out of. See it here . Inside the is a good guide to how to keep 70s party, view it here . Enjoy!