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Ulemper eller fordele ved 5 2 kuren ?

5 2 Cure

Basically, there is talk about a cure, the fasting two days a week. It is quite logical that when you are fasting two days a week, you get fewer calories during the week. This may well explain why people on the cure losing weight. In addition there is the general fact that people often lose liquid at the start of a cure and this can be masquerading as a fat weight loss. But there is published a book on the topic and you are curious, you can even examine it more closely. The book is called 5: 2 the cure.

Pitfalls in 5 2 Cure

  • There may be a risk that you eat more the remaining days of the week, simply because the body is hungry for more or you think you deserve it.
  • The cure is not sustainable for life, there are ups and downs, crises and weekdays, so you will most likely take it all at lightning speed again.
  • They say that there is hunger associated with the cure. A cure based on this statement, will probably always be doubtful in my eyes. The truth is probably closer to some experiencing hunger, while others find less hungry.
  • There are many diets on the market and which one works. It is a gray area that ranks on the edge of alternative treatment, homespun philosophy and even invented psychology.
  • After the cure you need “just follow” a basic program. I could not imagine that many people can follow this basic program, but of course I can be wrong.
  • Moreover, there are several scientific facts as the creators of the cure, tripping over in her eagerness to sell the concept.

Does the remedy at all

To my knowledge, there is not made any convincing studies of the cure works. So it must be based on a claim if the cure works. But logically it should work when followed closely. The truth is that it is not monitored closely and therefore, as when most weight issues stand open to whether there is a cost issue. There could in fact also be a problem that extends even deeper into the soul that will never be achieved by a cure. You may read posts about body and soul here. 

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