Dine ben og fødder

Vil du undgå neglesvamp?

Drawing nail fungus

Some people suffer from nail fungus , and have big problems with it, it is a growing problem among the Danes, it is often caused by the Danes are too poor to keep their feet clean.

This results in that you get nail fungus, which is a battle of garden and hard to get rid of.


Prepare your hygiene

There are many good articles about how to prepare your hygiene , but there are also ten good and simple advice on how they are kept clean.

Here I will list the ten councils.

  1. Keep an eye on your feet
  2. wash and dry your feet – including between the toes.
  3. Moisten the skin.
  4. Buy shoes in the right size.
  5. Ignore NEVER pain in the feet.
  6. Cut toenails straight above or follow the natural arc / curve
  7. Train / motions were.
  8. Replace your shoes regularly
  9. Avoid going barefoot outdoors
  10.  10. Protect feet with sunscreen

Photo by Nrico

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