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Cheap boots for winter

Then it’s about time for winter boots. I bought the boots for $ 900, which is not even kept my feet dry. When I walked into the store and grumbled me, they said: “That is not rubber boots, therefore they are not waterproof!”. I wondered a lot about this comment, snow melts well and becomes water. Water seeps through the boot. Hmm. I have also purchased cheap boots from the supermarket and held for a long time. Unfortunately smelled the extremely dry and I do not know if it was the cause of me for a long time was uncomfortable when I had them on. But they were waterproof! But now it’s about time again to buy winter boots and this time I will therefore not be cheated. I have found a guide that deals with cheap winter boots , maybe I find a few there.

Disadvantages of cheap boots

As I wrote earlier in the post, so I experienced an exaggerated level of chemicals in my cheap boots. The fit was poor. When I had the boots on for a long time, I got sore feet. I did not know how they were produced. They were made of poor child laborers or well-paid factory workers? I guess the first. No, cheap boots will probably not be my first choice. Also, I have perfume allergies and I dare not expose my skin to toxic chemicals.

Benefits of cheap boots

They are so cheap that I can buy three parties that I can use all winter. Thus, I have always a few nice winter boots ready. I can buy a pair to suit different kinds of clothes. I do not get upset if they break or not sealed, I can just buy some new ones.

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