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3 lækre huer fra Zalando


A hat is almost indispensable in the cold time. When I can not have the hat on, I use my cap or scarf / scarf. It’s simply too cold for me to do without headgear winter. At the same time it is also important for me to looking smart. I do not look like a fool just because it’s cold. I’ve looked around on the selection of hats and have found some I could see myself using. I have set up the following criteria:

  • Warm
  • Not too expensive
  • Do not be made of fur
  • Must be smart

Belmondo hat in beige

One of the hats I absolutely love is Belmondo hat, it is beige and is also available in gray. It’s really cute, looks good, works delicious. The only drawback is probably that it should be washed by hand, but my washing machine has a program to sink, so it should be fairly easy. The hat costs 299 kroner. It is at the high end, but I would like to offer it because the hat is as delicious as it is. It is seen in Zalando.

Benetton hat in gray

I have found a hue that reminds of the above style. It is gray and knit. It has some details like the other hue not have and therefore I like this one hue. It is crocheted and must also be washed by hand. It costs 199 crowns and is also seen in the Zalando online.

Anna Field hat in black

Anna Field hat covers enough all my needs. It is hot, not too expensive, it is not made of fur and is smart. But even if the cap covers all my needs are Belmondo hat my favorite. It is a question of attraction and chemistry. We can easily have the opposite clothes. Anna Field hat is black, has fine details and costs 129 kroner, it is also seen in Zalando.

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