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Sommer mode 2014

In this summer’s colors and quirky print the hottest. make a pause in the look by using colors in the same shade as the PCB, and do not be afraid to detail. Let your unique jewelry, handbags or sunglasses put imprinted on your look, so your outfit will have a hint of edge, but also that it is unique.

It is easy to be fashionable and still have money left over. It’s just about being good at spotting the special item, and dare to go with them, even though they are wild and special. Engage in bright colors, striking prints and quirky compositions. Do not be afraid to stand out this summer by having a little more unique look exudes you confidence, which is very appealing.


At Elle’s website is a guide to how you can be fashionable for little money. You can include visit gala Ministry of different summer pieces. 

Photo by Schröder + Schömbs PR _ Brands | Media | Lifestyle

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