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Fashion anno 2015 med Noisy May

Trends as culotte shorts, roll collar, crop top and denim has not only dominated most of the fashion industry in 2014, but remains trends throughout 2015. Almost as a kind of total fashion portal you will find all these and even more trendy products Noisy May .


Modern Danish design

Noisy May is a Danish brand that exudes modern city attitude with a feminine touch. It is also a sister brand to the renowned and popular brand Vero Moda. Prices are also in a similar rent to maintain the concept of fashion everyone can – and do not worry, fashion you get lots of with Noisy May, who delivered trend on trend with a touch of the brand’s modern combination of street and feminine cut.

Find for example the eternally modern trench coat in the classic sand-colored shade or a navy blue version – both jackets that will radiate a modern, feminine atmosphere. Are you one of the nice knit turtlenecks underneath you score the highest points on the fashion scale with a very trendy look.

Ripped jeans are also a must-sea in the modern wardrobe, why of course you also find these at Noisy May in various blue wash and with different degrees of ‘ripped’.

One of the latest trends in fashion universe is about allen as most of us might associate with our childhood. But the thought you may well shake you and jump in a pair may styled with a crop top underneath and a pair of Birkenstock on tippy toes – then the words hardly better.

Noisy May is all your go-to place if you feel the wardrobe was a little outdated and in need of a modern look. You can even change your entire wardrobe off to a very advantageous price.

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