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I have touched on and have seen a huge selection of rainwear on their website. Besides rainwear they also care products for rainwear, so the fine protection is not compromised. Both rainwear and impregnation can be purchased online. They have a large selection of rainwear including Helly Hansen, Kilmanock, Five Seasons and more.

Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen is one of my favorites, the brand has followed me since I was quite small. I remember it as a quality label. It works and is waterproof. I sometimes come to make mis-selling, where it turns to rain clothes were not waterproof and it was really annoying especially when you had clothes on there might be wet. I used often to cycle, so I depend on good quality and a hood that can close tightly. When bicycles, you can not easily have an umbrella in hand and certainly not if it is windy.

Rainwear as needed

I always choose rainwear needed. When I take a car or bus is not always I possibly have needed rainwear. There can often make do with a less rain jacket or a good umbrella.


HELLY HANSEN NEW ADEN LONG LADY JACKET is one of my absolute favorites. I myself am quite dark and therefore dress it good with bright colors. I love this raincoat. It is neat and easy to wash if it becomes dirty. I’ve actually seen it in billigsport24 to 849 kroner. It’s obviously a lot of money, but it is good quality and it can easily last for many years. I would rather pay a lot of money for something that keep than to buy something cheap, which can be thrown away next year. I think we throw all too many things out in advance.

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