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Bliv klædt på til vinteren med Inwear


Inwear is a fashion label that probably never go out of fashion. I have used Inwear to party, job interview and everyday. There are clothes for any style and it is always good quality. The only criticism – is that sometimes it is too expensive to buy Inwear clothes. But I have respect for the quality, so therefore I am loyal customer.

Get dressed for winter

I’ve looked at InWear committee and have found a must have for winter.

Saina skirt

Saina skirt to 799 kroner is a højforet skirt with pockets and zippers. It consists of knits and wool combined in a trendy way. It is 48 cm in length from the waist.

Adin LS Silkmix Pullover

Adin LS Silkmix Pullover can be used for the skirt, for everyday life and work. I can also use it for a pair of jeans. It’s perfect for a basic wardrobe. It costs 449 kroner.

Mariann jacket

I like to combine textiles. This Mariann jacket consists of a soft and comfortable jersey material. It is important for me that I can keep warm while I look good. If I’m in a meeting, I can easily take off the jacket when I have a Adin LS Silkmix Pullover underneath. It costs 999 kroner.


Under the skirt I have a few plain black tights. One could easily choose gray or light. But I almost always in black, so in my case it becomes black tights.

Habii printed scarf

Habii printed scarf is of course a must for me. Partly because I always wear a headscarf and partly because the blue color in the dark scarf creates a bold contrast to the dark clothes. It costs 249 crowns and is made of cotton. I always stop by retail goods also, I have several times found some spot goods.

Find more good input for your wardrobe here.

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