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En neglelak der holder

Are you like me, who love to be able to put a glossy varnish here in the hot summer months? Summer is in full swing, and some of it I like very much in summer it is to put a nice shine on my nails.

I am the type who keeps to the beach and at the same time is out and experience a lot in the summer, so for me it is important that the lacquer I place holder for a bit of hvert.Jeg had until last year not experienced to find a nail polish that possessed the ability to be seated at my nails for more than a week until my friend gave me a Essie nail polish in a gift.

The brand Essie started in 1981, but it is only in 2012 that we have been able to nail lacquers on the shelves of Europa.Essie nail polish has since become a hit, and this is understandable, since you are dealing with more than 250 different shades of color to suit all seasons and for every occasion.


A colorful palette

Essie nail lacquers are available in many colorful colors and shades. There is only one yellow, red, blue or green, but several of the same tone, and therefore it is possible for you interest in nail polish to play with the different shades and colors and find exactly the one that suits your mood or your personal style.

It is fast drying and will last for approximately 14 days

Gloss to the lustrous

Nail polish brand Essie is an international product, and is also used by well-known as Cate Blanchett and Taylor Schilling as they were to the Golden Globe Awards 2014.

On Essies website, besides seeing the new collection, get a number of good tips on how to, among other files her nails and get good ideas on how best to fixing smudges and more.

I personally think that Essie is a really good nail salmon product as it lasts long, dries quickly and at the same time makes it great color it easy to find exactly the color that fits just you.



Photo by jfeuchter

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