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Right now, Streetman a great deal of Pelle Pelle , where you can save money on both new and older designs from the brand. there is money to be saved on both pants, shirts, t-shirts and more, so it’s definitely worth a look.

Behind the brand, Pelle Pelle

The popular street brand is in many celebrity wardrobe is a must have, and that is understandable. The over 30-year-old brand is marked by bold print and nice quality without costing a farm. The man behind it’s exceptional brand name Marc Buchanan, and he got his inspiration for this brand from the streets of Detroit. He launched the brand in 1978 and since then it is almost only gone forward for the innovative designer. In the beginning, sold the brand exclusively leather jackets, but later it developed, and Pelle Pelle was the first to sell designer baggy pants. The brand has from its infancy soon always been characterized by many colors and are targeted at young people in hip hop culture, which had just very in the 1970s, when the mark, Pelle Pelle, was made.


Pelle Pelle’s range

As mentioned, Pelle Pelle a streetwear brand, which is mainly characterized by colors and prints. The army green camouflage print goes especially again on both t-shirts, pants, sweaters, accessories and jackets – either as a detail or as the primary print. But there are also many other great prints, if not for camouflage clothing.

Pelle Pelle’s leather jacket range consists of a lightweight jacket for spring and a heavy winter weather. Most are their leather jackets have fur. Bomber jackets of leather are available in both adult and children’s sizes. However, there is no leather jackets looking at, but those can always look for in other pages or wait patiently for you to buy their clothes online. You can by the way, have pretty good discount when you shop Streetman using a discount code from SEE AND HEAR SAVER .


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